Udexia - puzzle #21

Stucked at puzzle #21? You’ve come to the right place!

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Good luck in solving all mysteries of Udexia!

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I believe there is a misprint in my book What was supposed to be a runic Y was instead printed as a V.


Same here. The last letter I found was a V and needed to be a Y. Rest of the book until now is super!

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Yes. The same in my book.

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Oh no! Sorry about the bug and thanks a lot for reporting it. We’ll correct this as soon as possible for future prints. In the meantime, we decided to accept the answer with a misspell as well, as a short-term fix.
Enjoy the rest of the adventure!


The hints on this one have not helped us at all. What does it mean by trace the shapes? We crossed off all the correlating shapes on the board but we’re left with a bunch of random letter that make no sense. We got through the first 19 keys in one evening but 19 & 21 we cannot figure out. We’ve been stuck on these for several days. Please help.

There has been a misprint on some copies, the remaining “v” should read “y”. The answer is a 6-letter word. Does this help?

I don’t understand the word I want to give up I know it’s 6 letters and has a y in it what are the other letters Please give me a hints

Hello and welcome @They.luv.Mia ,
Draw a line connecting the symbols, x, o, star, etc on the second page using the first page as a pattern to follow. The remaining symbols, 6, will spell the word.

None of the hints help me at all. I’m only left with 5 letters DEAL and a Y but I’ve tried many spellings with these letters and nothing has worked

The word consists of 6 letters. You are half right :wink: you are missing one letter in the middle. There is the answer - deadly

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Oh my gosh thank you!!!