Udexia Puzzle #22

Can anyone help with puzzle #22 please? I have worked out the number sequences but am completely stuck now :woman_shrugging:t2:


Yes, I can help. This puzzle is similar to #5. So here are more clues:
1, 6, 3 = a
1, 5, 3 = b
1, 1, 1 = c
Also, try to find the y:

1, 2, 4 = y

There are —5— letters in this answer.

The answer is:

word number, letter number, spell number = some letter.

Good luck!


I’m having so much trouble with # 22and all the clues just confuse me more :slight_smile:


Me too! I finally figured out that in the first set of numbers in the bottom right corner…

1,5, (magic alphabet 3)

Means the first word the 5th letter of that word, on spell number 3….
-1st word: fireball,
-5th letter: B
-Spell 3 is Fireball of Eldalt


Hello and welcome @Puzzled ,
This is a translation puzzle; we need to translate a code into a letter. The codes are at the bottom right page: five groups of three numbers. So, there are five letters in the answer word. The first number of the first code, “1,5,3” is the word number and the second number is the letter number. The third number is the spell number. So the first letter in the answer is found in the third spell, “Fireball of Eldat”, first word, “Fireball”, and the fifth letter, “b”