Udexia - puzzle #23

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Good luck in solving all mysteries of Udexia!

I am really stuck on this one. I have a feeling that its something to do with the location in the book itself rather than the location on the map, but i just can’t work out what im supposed to do. Any hints on top of the 3 clues would be much appreciated.

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I’m assuming you found the two numbers and replaced the keys by their values.

Did you find the dragon somewhere else in the book? Have a look in the Grimoire at the end, and please let us know if you’re still lost in the academy.

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I thought I had but I hadn’t! Once I actually worked them out it made so much more sense.



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What have you tried.

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Tap this link for explanation to the answer:


And, please tell us what you need help with.

The answer contains —3— letters.

I am not getting this.
I have figured out
B = the answer for key 2 = dragon = located in the map at the end of the book
A= the answer for key 1 = the answer for key 1 is “check out the magicalphabet at the end of the book”


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Hello and welcome. Your key 2, dragon, is correct. However , your key 1 is not. Follow the link in a previous post and redo your search. Let us know what you are solving so we can help you. How did you solve key A= key 1?

Figured it out thanks.
I thought it was : the first symbol is “B” and B equals 2. Not tbat we had to do maths. Thanks for the assist udexia crew. Great book! I am having lots of fun.


Someone just tell me the answer, please. I’ve read up and down this thread, translated the French thread, and I still don’t know what I’m supposed to do.

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Hello and welcome @Noah,

The answer to puzzle #23 is LAB

Working backwards goto the page in the back titled "A map of Udexia" and find the answer. Arrive at LAB by using key 6; going backwards gives the dragon on the map which is key 2. Hint #3 leads us to the map of Udexia and the dragon. Trust me, I learned to study and remember what is on each page of this escape book in order to graduate.
The symbols “B” and “A” on the keys corresponding to the symbols in the grid of roman number and number. To solve “A” find the sum of the numbers up and down in each column. To solve “B” find the sum of roman numbers in each row. By the way, I too have translated the french posts.


Thank you!


What the heck am I missing with this one :face_with_monocle: How did a dragon come into play. I am not getting it AT ALL. I can decipher the two keys in that the first one is B and the second one is A and I can correlate those letters to numbers 2 and 1 the key for 2 is start and the key for 1 is to check out the Magicalphabet

Then the first hint asks me what are numbers? A and B worth? so, I guess I’m adding 1+2 to get 3?

Then hint 2 asks what are the keys to puzzles A and B [/spoiler] which I’ve already established are [spoiler]start and checkout the Magicalphabet

What am I missing? Clearly my logic is not working for this one. And even if I stretch myself and find the dragon on page 3, which is the numerical value for A and B I still don’t understand how we figure out that we can find him in the lab :sob:

Have you tried to use the map?

I have. I just don’t understand how they came up with that answer. :woman_shrugging:t2:

Thanks for this, we had to read it 3x to even understand where we went wrong but nothing else helped! The puzzles get more opaque as the book goes on I guess :sweat_smile::woozy_face:

All I have is number 62. When I am typing the answer, it says this is a first step to solve the puzzle. Could anyone be so kind and explain to me the puzzle step by step :face_with_hand_over_mouth: thank you. PS I have no idea why should I look for a dragon and use the map :neutral_face: