Udexia - puzzle #26

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Good luck in solving all mysteries of Udexia!

Ah, the puzzles never stop challenging. Easy enough to regroup the message by using the grid paper at the end of the grimoire make a 6 X 19 grid and copy over each column row by row using the row numbers provided reveals
- N + P
And searching for puzzle #26 finds the french responses. Seems to provide a clue also. having something to do with key #22. I am starting to decode it now.
Good Luck!

another clue:

After the grid is solved and applied to key #22 then use these letters to form the word that solves this puzzle.

There are —7— letters in the answer.

Puzzle # 26 is indeed a fun and challenging.


I’m stuck in this one. I’ve done everything except I can’t figure out how to reorder the word from key key #22. Please help!

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Hello and welcome @Ndouglass76 ,
You are half way. Next reorder the rows 1 to 6 using the numbers on the left for a clue. Then apply this clue to key#22. Then make the answer word from these letters.

Good luck!


Hi if anyone could help me with puzzle 26 I have the letters broomnp but can’t make any word out of it please please help

Hello and welcome @Suebdoo ,
You are close yet far away.

So your broom is off key! Broom is the answer to get key# 22. Apply the clue, -N+P after Rearranging the rows, to Key#22. Key #22 is the result when we submit the answer word, broom.

Good luck!