Udexia - puzzle #30

Stucked at puzzle #30? You’ve come to the right place!

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Good luck in solving all mysteries of Udexia!

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Need some help with this one. Have the letters but don’t know what to do with them. Been to the map but don’t know how it helps.

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Hello and welcome @urhuckleberry ,
Use the letters to decode the coordinates on the map. There are two words to make from the given letters.

Ok i have found the two words and located in map Poracta and Cenver. I am looking for the name of the lake and have tried both places (2 key words i found) but its not right. any help greatly appreciated.

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Hello and welcome @hellbound42101 ,

The name of the lake is a key. The answer to puzzle#30 is the the name of the location on the map. You are on the right track; try again and good luck

i figured it out just had to intersect the two
thank you


What map do I use?