Udexia - puzzle #32

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Good luck in solving all mysteries of Udexia!

Another mystery. Any ideas on applying the mask: is it AND, OR, or perhaps XOR? I tried ORing MAGIC to the letters in the grid but so far no pattern appears.
It makes sense when I solved it; but the trials were many. So here are a few more hints: :slight_smile:

Which type of mask (AND, OR, XOR?) OR

How to create the mask? I did this for fun just to see what would result. Make a 5x5 grid on the back page and OR all the letters of MAGIC on top of each other. Most spaces will be filled in of course.

Now apply the mask to the 5x5 grid of letters in the grimoire to reveal the answer. There sure is a magical art to this answer.

I have been stuck on this one. I understand there is a thing with the mask being placed on top of the letters with one eye hole revealing a letter.

But… where did you get the 5x5 grid? I am still perplexed because the alphabet has 26 letters and I can’t decide which one to leave out of the grid.

I assume if I place one mask eyehole on the letter M that I would get another letter from the second eye hole. But then I get confused about which letters and which way the mask faces and how many letters in between the eye holes.

I also have no idea how you had another option for which mask… and? Or? OR-ing?

Any help?

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I finished the book without key #32. Can you please give me the answer to this one and maybe I can work backward to see how I should have solved it.

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The answer to puzzle#32 is [deleted by admin, no clear answer please :-)]

and Good luck reverse solving!

Also list your graduation here for fun:

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I got it! Now that I understand how to solve #32 I can move on to another book. Thank you so much for your help!

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If that can help, the answer is a 3-letter word

I don’t know how to solve this one. Forum hints refer to “type of mask”. I’m surmising this has something to do with programming but I don’t understand what anyone means. Help please!

This one stumped me and I feel like some of the hints given in this forum muddied the waters (at least, they did for me) because it felt like people were talking in riddles.

The word mask is symbolic for what you’re being asked to do.

Here is how I figured it out. The first thing I did was translate each of the letters on the piece of paper (if you’ve gotten this far in the book, you should know how). Next, I went back to reference key 17. Then, using the graphics provided on the stone, I mapped out each letter of key 17 onto the piece of paper which left me with the three letters that revealed the answer. I hope this helps clear up some of the confusion.

Thank you! I finally got it! For future hint seekers, I think you meant key 7, not 17. But you helped me figure out what to “map out” and I am very glad to have finally solved!


Yes! You’re correct. I did mean key 7 :flushed: Thank you for pointing that out to help avoid confusion for others! :blush:

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