Udexia - puzzle #37

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Any clue here. I’m clueless. Tried every name I could think of.

I’ve tried Mag, magiprofessor, magiprofessors plus all of their names; so what am I missing. I suspect the camera is a projector projecting the image of a LIOn or BUTterfly and can not find another word using BUT… that matches these two pages picturing magiprofessors and outdoors through a window. Help is needed.

You need to understand what the camera does to the butterfly.
Then apply this logic elsewhere.

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Ok, I imagine the camera casts a spell on the item in view and then spells out the first three letters of the item’s name. Is the butterfly vaporized by the spell I say not vaporized. Maybe the camera is used later in the book to vaporize the upcoming monster which I previewed . I have no clue here and have tried many attempts: butterfly gives a 3rd hint but does not help me. I am a puzzled.

Can you please tell us how many letters are in the answer to puzzle #37. Three seems to be it.

And tell us where to point the camera next? Yep, that is why we call this a spoiler. I am truly stuck.

I am looking forward to solving puzzle #38 which looks interesting and solvable.

Do you see people posing for a photo on this page?
You should try the device on them.

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I point the camera at the teachers and get TEA as the answer. I have tried MAG for magiprofessors, I see there faces looking at me… BUT no clue as to a name.

still have no clue. I have tried many many words like FAC for faculty, PEO for people, GRO for group. and so forth.

Please tell us how many letters are in the answer. And then give us the answer.

You should take a picture of the professors, you’ll need their names, they are somewhere in the book

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Yes, thank you. I found their names already and wrote them in the page with the camera and entered each one, sometimes three letters sometimes full first, then last, then first and last. Am I supposed to assume that I take a letter from each name to spell out a three letter answer? This is not a puzzle. Look at puzzle #8. The answer is HEART but the figure painted is either the letter P or letter T. How was I to deduce from that painting that a HEART appears. The connection is not clear.
And the same goes here for puzzle #37. The third clue says “it’s nice ……BUT” how does the third clue relate to nice teachers and their nice names?
The clue for the LIO (n) and BUT (terfly) are using the first three letters of that name. I tried the first three letters of each of the four magiprofesssors without result. If the camera took a picture of a Lion and Butterfly and displayed “LIOBUT” then I could have deduced this answer.
If you know the answer then please tell me how many letters are in the answer. Then tell me the answer please.


The answer contains —-12—- letters.

The answer is philosophers. The first three letters of the magiprofessors first names combined. They are not philosophers they are wizards and witches, magiprofessors would be a more correct answer and it’s nice…BUT

Thank you, @Damien, for your help.


You need to concatenate the 3 first letters of each 4 professor to find the answer.

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