Udexia - puzzle #41

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Good luck in solving all mysteries of Udexia!

I am having so much trouble with puzzle 41. I’ve drawn and cut out the pieces like a puzzle but haven’t seen anything that looks like a clue, rearranging them over and over. The sun and moon and apprentices have me stumped too. Any other clues??

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you are indeed supposed to put together the pieces like a puzzle, don’t pay attention to the sun/moon and apprentices, focus on linking the symbols on the pieces

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someone help?

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I got it by recreating the puzzle pieces and placing them together in an excel spreadsheet. If you don’t have anything that “fancy” maybe you could recreate using the grid paper in the back of the book.

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Even with the hints, I’m still having trouble with the puzzle. Can the pieces overlap?

No, they can’t

Is it supposed to make a shape? A word? I am so lost.

Can you flip the pieces over?

Nevermind. I finally got it!

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Bravo !


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I need more help on this one … anyone?

I’m also stuck on #41. I arranged the pieces into a coherent shape, but I have no idea what to do with it next. It doesn’t trigger any word for me that can become the answer. I’d appreciate a nudge.

Is the answer a word? If so how many letters?

Never mind I finally got it. Thanks