Udexia - puzzle #42

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I’ve been stuck on this one for a while and feel like I’m missing something obvious.

This is what I’ve done so far:

I’ve decoded the cards to get a three word phrase. From the hints I’m assuming I use that with the map of Udexia to get the keyword, but have been unable to figure it out. Any suggestions or tips on what to do with this 3 word phrase would be appreciated.


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Hello and welcome @Rogue ,
This puzzle is straight forward. The three word phrase is asking for the answer to puzzle#42. Its that simple. So, what is your three word phrase? Then Look on the map and find the answer.

Thanks for the response but thats what I’ve been trying and I’m still stuck.

I’m assuming the map you’re referring to is the “map of udexia” at the back of the book.

The three word phrase I have is “name of fake”. I don’t see anything fake on the map and have tried most of the words. The one odd thing I found is on the compass with “O” instead of “W”, but I have tried different words with this and they didnt work.

Am I on the right track or looking in the wrong place? Thanks

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Hello, you are like so close. One letter of your phrase, —f— , is incorrect.

Thanks a lot for the help, I should have caught that. Makes sense now.

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J’ai pas compris tu peut m’aider? S’il te plaît?