Udexia - puzzle #43

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I have completed puzzle 43 and the “next” button does not work forcing you to leave a review on Amazon which then does not redirect you back to the answer page for puzzle 44 effectively rendering the book unsolvable

Hello and thank you very much for reporting this bug… It’s been solved right now - sorry for the inconvenience.
Please note that you can always scan the QR code corresponding to each puzzle in the worst case… but thanks again for reporting that, please let us know if that is fixed.

Thank you. I was able to finish the puzzle and the book in total. I was very happy with the book as a complete experience. Please continue to make move books like this.

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Its possibly too late for me tonight.

amount of eyes: 8 2 1 3 - no combination works.
Multiplied it is 48. doesnt work. the single numbers dont work. the mirror of the multiplication doesnt work. multipliying it with the guys eyes doesnt work. mirroring that doesnt work either. Its probably dead simple. I just can’t see it

You are looking for something a bit too complicated :slight_smile: To solve this puzzle, looking back to puzzle number 5 nac pleh

Are we looking for a word? If so, how many letters?

?evah thgir reppu eht ni erutaerc eht seod seye ynam woH
Please translate this to English

I wasn’t back to puzzle 5 and still do not see the answer. I have entered in all the numbers from the eyes, arms/legs, horns, and wings but still are totally stumped. Please help