Udexia - puzzle #6

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I’ve tried every combination of the three words.

The words I have are:

Potions Day Class

What am I doing wrong?

You correctly read the 3 words. Now, you should have a look at the end of the book, after the Magicalphabet you can find a timetable, that should help you find the answer. It’s often the case that the puzzle resolution is made in two steps, like in this case.

Got answer to puzzle #6 using hints. Can someone explain how to see the three words in the puzzle?

You have to tilt the book and look with the eye very close to the book

hello can you please help with #6
the only thing i can see on the timetable is potions on friday morning? i’m soooo stuck!

hi did you find out how get the key from the timetable?

I can see the three words in the puzzle Day, potions, class, and when I go to the timetable it looks like potions is on Friday mornings but when I try different combinations of these words, nothing seems to work.

I’m stumped too. Is there aby significance to the letter on the cauldron? I have the three words and I checked the timetable. What comes next?