Udexia - puzzle #7

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Im confused theres animals = 7 letters, and Philius in the picture. I thought Philius would be the answer but now im stuck.

What is Philius’ last name? Also, 1 animal = 1 letter, so the answer is not a 7-letter word

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Thank you!

Hmm I can only see 6 creatures. Unless the human is a creature. And does the key from the previous puzzle have anything to do with the answer? Thanks!!

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I confirm, there are 6 creatures and not 7.
When a previous key is used in a puzzle, it’s always explicit / so no, you don’t need previous keys on this one

Hello, I am very confused. I do not understand the 6 letters. When I checked Morse code I got an L for short long short short. How does L contribute to the 6 letters?

" short long short short" in the hints was just an example to make you understand it’s about Morse code.

Pls give the answer I am confused on the whole thing

Have you tried morse code?

Yes do not get it